Custom themes for Sketch


Note : For Sketch 52 and above,

Midnight requires macOS Mojave.

Custom Themes

Change the look of Sketch to match your work or your work environment.

Photo by João Silas

Indent Guides

Easily identify how Groups and
Layers are nested.

Layer Tags

Apply colored tags to Layers,
Artboards and Pages.

Collapse Groups

A handy button for one of the most
frequent tasks.

Vector Handles

High-contrast handles make editing
vectors easier.

Isolated Dark Mode

Force Sketch to stay dark (or light) ignoring your macOS setting.

Requires Sketch 52 or greater

Custom Canvas Color

Find your ultimate focus by choosing the perfect canvas color to highlight your work.

Requires Sketch 52 or greater

Toolbar Icon Sets

Use monochrome or colored icons with the option to hide borders around them.

Easy Configuration


Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of Sketch and macOS does Midnight support?

Midnight is compatible with Sketch 48 or greater on macOS Sierra or above. macOS Mojave is required for Sketch 52 onwards.

Can I use Midnight with Sketch 52 on High Sierra?

Unfortunately, due to API limitations we cannot support the combination of Sketch 52 running on High Sierra. Most of the API used to darken Sketch 52+ is only available on Mojave.

How can I disable or uninstall Midnight?

Go to the Plugins section in Sketch – Preferences and control-click on Midnight. You will get options to disable or uninstall the plugin. Then restart Sketch to apply changes.

Will using the theme affect Sketch performance?

This may depend on the configuration of your Mac. We have tested Midnight with large Sketch documents and have seen no difference in performance. If you think Midnight is causing performance lag for you please send us a message on Twitter @_midnightsketch.